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Where is the online audience today? it is glued to social media applications. Did you know that over 4.62 billion people across the world use social media? A user spends approximately 2 hours and 27 minutes every day on his social media channel and this indicates that it is a marketer’s best investment.

Did you know that paid advertisements have a 200% ROI? Yes, that is right. Paid advertisements can give you an ROI that isn’t feasible otherwise. Ads alone have the power to increase your brand’s awareness by 80%. So, what is it and why is it important?

By 2021, social media platforms started gaining an average of 13.5 users every second. As the world population is growing, so is the use of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. There are more than 93% of internet users that log into their social media every day. According to the last projections, global spending on social media apps would cross the $173 million mark.

The spending on video content would jump by 20.1%. When interacting with social media users, it was found that if a particular website protects data and privacy, then approximately 52% of them would want to interact with emerging brands.

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What are Social Media Management Services?

Now that we have clearly understood the impact of social media platforms on the business’ growth and success, let’s understand what exactly are these social media marketing services.

Social media marketing or management is a strategy where content is created for all social media platforms. This is used to promote your company’s products and services. Not only does your brand awareness improves but a community of targeted audience is built and this automatically booms the traffic on your website.


It is about meeting your customers and target audience where they currently are so that the interaction can be instant, personalised, and trusted.

A social media strategy is highly beneficial as a concept but the way it is conducted depends on the specific brand requirements and goals. To understand this in detail, let’s learn about various platforms you can use for marketing.

Type of Social Media Management

LinkedIn Management

LinkedIn is similar to Facebook but with a professional outlook. It is a platform where a specific niche is found – working professionals and entrepreneurs that are browsing to improve their network and find exciting opportunities. LinkedIn is a B2B platform and is ideal for companies that want to build an industry-related community. This is one of the most active social media platforms with over 810 million people coming together across the world. Not only there is a huge platform for users but even companies. LinkedIn has seen a rise with over 57 million companies listed on its platform.

Facebook Management

Facebook has been one of the beloved social media spaces for years. It has turned into the most established platform and that’s why a Facebook marketing company always earns huge profits! This social media channel began its journey in 2004 as a medium to interact with friends and family. But now it has grown to become a tool for B2B communications. There are several advertising tools available to boost revenue and organic traffic. It’s been 19 years and Facebook is the 3rd most popular platform for global users. They spend approximately 19.6 hours per month here and interact with friends and emerging businesses.

Twitter Management

Twitter, a platform that focuses on words rather than visual content is one of the most popular places for everyone. This communication channel was initially seen as a message box with 140 characters. But today, Twitter has expanded to audio tools and community-building spaces to bring more users together. An average user spends around 5.1 hours per month on Twitter and that’s why today it is one of the best platforms for social posts.

Instagram Management

Instagram is currently the fourth-largest social networking site and is continuously on the rise. PeApproximately 50% of the users on Instagram have said that they click on the particular brand’s website or social media page after checking out the stories. Its B2C impact is huge and the advanced eCommerce tools set this platform apart from other social content channels.

Pinterest Management

Another platform that is slowly emerging as a global player is Pinterest. Users everyday arrive on this platform seeking inspiration and tricks & tips. Apart from that, they also get a chance to connect with a new brand and buy what they’ve been eyeing for a long time. According to the latest study, 80% of users discover a new product or brand every week. Around 85% of new designers and businesspeople begin their projects from Pinterest. So, it is a great tool to build a brand story through visual content.

YouTube Management

YouTube is an addicting platform where a user can spend hours browsing videos without focusing on the rest of the world. This makes it a great community to build your brand’s awareness and loyalty. According to the latest data, YouTube has an average span of 23.7 hours every month for every user. This makes it a great platform to showcase your business products, services, and ideas.

Impact of Social Media on your Businesses

Social Media has a loud noise that reaches the ears of every user.

social media
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    Women belonging to the age bracket of 16 to 24 use social media for approximately 3 hours and 18 minutes every day.

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    A brand’s website is the soul of its business. Its growth directly impacts the rise or decline of a company. If your website isn’t identified by the right customer at the right time, your company’s growth might remain stagnant.

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    To target all these problems and get the highest ROI in the shortest span, the best way is to focus on your digital marketing campaign. PPC marketing is one of the crucial parts of digital marketing.

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    Although approximately 45% of businesses have an online presence, only some of them are aware of pay per click marketing. To understand how a single social post can have a huge impact on your business, let’s take an example.

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    Suppose A is scrolling through her news feed and identifies a new story by “XYZ Company”. The graphics, storyline, and overall content of that story are so impactful that it entices A to check out the page. This has increased her desire to interact with the brand and probably make a purchase.

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    Through this example, it is understood that a well-executed social media strategy can take your business to new heights.

Here are the benefits of social media branding for your business –

Social media platforms attract users from around the world. They attract customers who didn’t think they wanted your products. This helps your business expand with minimum expenditure and proves to be one of the cost-effective digital marketing strategies. Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram management service can bring a great change in your brand’s awareness.

A huge volume of traffic is found on social media channels. If you have set up a website but aren’t present on these channels, you are missing out on great opportunities. Social media boosts brand awareness by improving engagement. This is done through saves, likes, comments, and reposts. If the right hashtags are used, your brand can reach a global audience.

Viral Marketing is today’s elixir. If you have identified a trend that’s circulating on social media and gaining traction, it becomes imperative to include that in your brand strategy. Say, Ice Bucket Challenge for example. Introduce that concept to your brand page and attract millions of users from around the world.

Not only you can seek inspiration from an existing trend but you can also create a new trend of your own. Build a marketing trend that would be loved by the users and they’d hop on the ride with you. This is how your social media brand value can be escalated.

Create huge brand value without spending a generous amount of your marketing budget. Social media drives maximum brand awareness but utilises minimum cost. It has zero to less investment, depending on the kind of social media branding you are aiming for.

Social media channels allow you to promote and share your products and services seamlessly. This not only increases your lead generation rate but also turns those leads into customers. You advertise the products and services to users who want your products. This can be done through –

Social media platforms are where your creative skills can show their magic. Many times, creative ideas become a huge business because of the way they are planned, executed, and controlled. Releasing the right content at the right time can have a significant impact on your business.

Social media instantly and effectively improves your brand awareness. If your brand is loved by the users, it starts word of mouth advertisement. According to research, approximately 72% of online users explore online reviews before placing an order. This doesn’t only boost your sales but also builds long-term relationships.

Internet is a market of over 4.5 billion population and this has slowly turned it into a potential space to advertise your brand and its products and services. You can reach the target

audience on time and provide them with a solution to the problem. This makes it the most effective method of digital marketing.

How Does Social Media Management Help Achieve Business Goals?

Social media management is an evolving concept that can be successfully implemented with the right approach and goal in mind. Here is how you can use the social media channels for your benefit and take your business to the top –

1. Saves a Lot of Marketing budget

The impact of social media is so huge that even if you don’t have a brand website and are simply running the business through social media, you can derive results. A few years back, that’s how most of the start-ups found their calling. They began posting images of their products and connecting with the audience. Once they started receiving queries and orders, their businesses flourished.
Even today, several businesses first launch the collection on social media channels and then feel the need to set up a website for a streamlined process.
So, even without a website, you can operate your business and save the marketing budget.

2. User Engagement for Conversions

Social media platforms give immense opportunities to businesses to reach the target audience and boost sales. But it all depends on the content form you use.
For instance, if you post video content on Facebook, it would gain 400% more user engagement as compared to a text post. On Instagram, if you frequently post stories on your feed, the social media channel would show them to more users. Twitter is a platform where you can use the power of your words. Using the right hashtags can increase website traffic.
For instance, if you post video content on Facebook, it would gain 400% more user engagement as compared to a text post. On Instagram, if you frequently post stories on your feed, the social media channel would show them to more users. Twitter is a platform where you can use the power of your words. Using the right hashtags can increase website traffic.

3. Increases Traffic & Conversion

Social media gives you global access and thus boosts the traffic on your website. If the traffic continuously grows and you receive positive feedback, it can easily convert potential customers or visitors into sales.

4. Beat the Competition

The social media platform is a competitive marketing strategy that makes every business push the boundaries. This encourages all those businesses to work productively and efficiently to attract maximum online users.

5. Build Loyal Audience

Every business wants to build a brand that is synonymous with loyalty. That’s the best way to attract customers and ensure that the competitors cannot get an edge over you. Brand loyalty is when the customer believes that your products or services would always be satisfactory. This creates a long-term relationship with the customers.
Social media is a platform where this loyalty can be built. It eliminates any middleman and gives you direct access to the customers.

6. Increase Brand Credibility

A brand’s credibility increases when you show that your products and services would cater to their needs and wants. Through content on social media, you can entice customers to believe in you. That’s how credibility can be improved.

Organic Social vs Paid Social

Social media activity is the basis of taking your brand to the next level. This activity is further categorised into two parts: organic and paid.

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    Organic social media activity is when you reach the target audience without any paid promotion. It is free of cost and manages the brand’s customer relationships and reputation. This is where you listen and connect with the audience without any AI tools.

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    Paid social media activity allows you to break through the common methods and interact with an audience that may not arrive at your platform itself. Paid campaigns also help reinforce your message.

What is included in our Social Media Management

If you are looking for a social media agency that provides the best services at a flexible price, Mechwizz Digital is at your service. Here is what all would be a part of our social media management packages –

Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis

We research the business niche and based on that, understand what’s the current market trend. This helps us analyse the situation and understand what your competitors are doing to boost sales.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management Specialist

After complete research, the social media manager chooses a specialist from our team to manage all your social media-related planning and execution.

social media posts

Create engaging social media posts

We create a social media calendar for timely and accurate posts. This assures customer engagement and improves sales.


Focus on Increase in Followers

A social media handle with more followers has a better chance of bringing revenue. That’s why one of the main jobs is to increase followers and build a brand.

Strategy for brand management

Strategy for brand management

Our team of experts rigorously focuses on creating a strong strategy for brand management and building.

Analytics Monitoring

Analytics Monitoring

After careful planning and implementation, the results are continuously monitored to ensure that the right steps are followed. In case something is not working on social content, our team works to improve it and manage social media accounts with dedication.

Reasons to Partner with Mechwizz for Social Media Management

Dedicated Social Media Specialist

We provide a team of dedicated internet marketing strategy specialists who continuously work to make your business a well-established brand online.

Creative thinkers

Social media is all about storytelling and creativity to make engaging content and we excel in that. Mechwizz Digital’s creative thinkers are continuously planning new ways to boost your social media presence.

Keep track of trends

We maintain a complete track of trends and implement our strategies accordingly. This helps us carry your brand forward along with the upcoming social media users.

Cost-effective packages

Our social media management packages are tailor-made to suit your requirements.

Social Media Expertise

Mechwizz Digital brings its team of social media experts to take your brand game to the next level. So, are you ready to become the biggest player in the online market? Connect with us today!

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