What is Chatbot?

Have you ever landed on a website and seen a pop-up appear asking if you need any assistance? Those pop-ups aren’t humans trying to communicate but a customer support chatbot! A chatbot is an AI-powered software application that replaces human interaction with automation technologies. It is tremendously used today for customer service and continuous engagement.


The website chat bots wait for input from the user’s end, analyse that input, identify the intent, and form a response. Almost every online business is using chatbot marketing to form a communication relationship with its visitors and customers.

Replacing human customer executives with AI applications saves company costs and is more efficient than relying on live customer support staff.

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    According to the current statistics, the global market of chatbots in digital marketing reached around $83 million and it is projected to jump to approximately $454.8 million by 2027.

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    Around 69% of the time, chatbot conversation is observed on online websites.

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    Several brands like Whole Foods, Genius by National Geographic, Harper Collins, and Starbucks have already integrated a customer support bot in their business.

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Chatbot for Website

Building a big brand? It is time to integrate chatbot marketing into your website and give it a chance to woo customers. Our chatbot marketing agency is responsible for creating the complete setup for your website. Here is how we proceed


Decide the kind of chatbot that would be suitable for your business


Determine the KPIs of the chatbot


Understand the user needs and objectives of the chatbot


Revamp the personality of your chatbot


Create a proper flow of the conversation


Complete the bot design


Preview and test for errors


Measure the performance and optimise from time to time

Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Our services include chatbot conversations for your Facebook business page. This bot is integrated into Facebook messenger and can easily communicate with all the users. The virtual assistant is pre-programmed with options to understand a user’s questions, provide particular answers, and execute the relevant tasks. This customises the shopping experience and helps boost sales. Facebook messenger bots for business have seen a rise like never before.

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How does Chatbot Help in Digital Marketing?

A chatbot is the fastest-growing channel of communication for online brands and approximately 80% of the users have already interacted with a chatbot at one point in time. AI chatbots for business support digital marketing in the following ways –

Lead Generation

Promotes More Lead Generation

Build a chatbot within your website and see how it transforms the way your business operates. A chatbot changes the way a user interacts with the brand and makes it more effortless and quicker. It doesn’t only retain the visitors but also supports you in recording user information and building a lead email list to send later on.

Automate Enquiries

Automate Enquiries

A chatbot is quick, efficient, and practical. It doesn’t make the users wait or have to think of a personalised response. It keeps the users hooked by immediately answering their queries. This makes it a better approach, especially if there is huge traffic on your website.

Live Chat

Better User Experience with Live Chat

Chatbot conversation is completely based on the user experience and feedback. As soon as a conversation ends, a pop-up appears to rate whether the query was properly resolved or not. This helps a website create a customised user experience. Visitors can also learn more about the brand and its products via the chatbot as all the information is already stored in it. After that, a chatbot also asks the customer whether he is interested in some product suggestions.


Sales & Order

Chatbots in digital marketing proves to increase the ROI. It boosts customer engagement rate, continuously improves the customer experience, optimises the marketing funnel, and creates a competitive advantage in the online market. This increases your website’s sales and repeat orders.

Booking & Registration

Booking & Registration

If your website is a service provider and looking to increase the registration and booking numbers, then a well-placed chatbot strategy can help a lot. It eliminates the need for users to fill out long forms and switch to engaging communication. A chatbot is integrated with a third-party payment gateway for seamless transactions and increased ROI.

Interactive Website

Interactive Website

A chatbot conversation is important to speed up the growth of your business. It increases the conversation rate of your website. Since customers can easily interact with the bot via a smartphone application, website, or social media app; it keeps them engaged and guides them through the entire shopping experience. This begins with asking a query to successfully place the order.

Why Do You Need a Chatbot for Your Business?

At present, around 23% of online companies have integrated chatbots into their websites and this ratio is continuously rising. Now that the world is becoming more digitised and interconnected, chatbots are becoming every brand’s best friend. Here are the reasons that justify why your business needs a chatbot today!

Human Alternative

Chatbots aren’t emotional and they don’t rationalise every step of the way. Also, employees can fall sick, not feel emotionally competent, or find an answer to customers’ questions. Chatbot replaces humans and can work 24/7. They aren’t subjected to mood swings or mental or physical health.

Enhanced Engagement

According to a survey conducted, it was found that millennials would rather speak to a chatbot rather than human customer executives. This is because a chatbot reverts quickly and accurately. This increases the customer level and reliability. Thus a chatbot would always boost user engagement.

Dedicated PPC specialist

We have a dedicated team of PPC experts to focus on planning, implementing, and analysing the marketing strategy.

Upscale Conversions

A chatbot is far more advanced and can convert leads into sales. Its simple and persuasive interaction technique makes a user believe that he would get prompt responses to all his queries.

Immediate Reactions

Did you know that a single chatbot can handle multiple users at once? A human customer executive would be able to manage a maximum of two to four customers at a particular moment. But when it comes to AI-enabled software, the speed multiplies. Most of the answers are automated and this not only provides improved customer satisfaction but also enables the employees to focus on core tasks.

Personalised Experience

Chatbot personalises the communication experience with every user. It collects the data of every customer and adapts itself to suit its requirement. This may depend on several factors, including language, gender, and preferences. A classic chatbot always uses the user’s name for an intimate conversation. If the chatbot is complex, it can further customise the conversation to keep the user engaged.

Cost Effective

Voice control chatbot can save your operational and labour cost. It uses high-end technology and features that turn everything into an automated process and lowers the overall company cost. This helps generate higher revenue as compared to traditional communication methods.

Our Chatbot Marketing Agency’s Process

A chatbot is the present and future of every company. If you are spending a part of your cost on digital marketing, it is imperative to inculcate chatbot marketing for better returns and continuous growth. Mechwizz Digital is a chatbot agency that works through a detailed process to make your business a success. Here is what we do:

Understanding the Client’s Goal

The first step of our chatbot campaign is to understand your company’s goals and requirements. Since every business has a unique set of purposes, we aim to find out what is yours. This helps us create a customised plan that delivers long-term results.

Design & Build

We design and build chatbot according to the goals of your company. There are several types of chatbot systems, ranging from basic to complex. It all depends on what exactly you want your customers to experience.


Once the chatbot is designed, we implement it on your website. This would lead to seamless communication with the customers without the need for live support staff.

After Support

Once your chatbot setup is complete and ready to woo the audience, we stay in touch to ensure that you don’t face any trouble during operations. Our team of experts is always ready at your disposal to help in case of need.

Today, 62% of the audience expects to communicate with a chatbot while only 38% of them wish to talk to a human. This ratio is constantly changing and it isn’t difficult to realise that the future of every online business lies with this AI tool. 3 out of 4 companies are satisfied with implementing chatbots on their website So, if you are looking for a chatbot agency then connect with Mechwizz Digital today!

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