Ecommerce SEO Services:
How Ecommerce SEO can Increase Sales?

What is Ecommerce SEO?

The world is going digital and every company is transforming with it. Today if you want to increase your online sales then the best and fastest way to do this is through an eCommerce platform. This indicates e-commerce’s relevance and importance. But what exactly is eCommerce SEO and how do the eCommerce SEO best practices help in putting your business on the map?

eCommerce SEO is the practice of bringing more traffic to your website by increasing its visibility on the SERPs (Search Engine Result pages). If your website is well-ranked on a search engine like Google or Bing!, then you would get more organic traffic. So, to boost fresh rates and increase the customer return rate, the rank of your website should be as high as possible.

For this, you have to ensure that the website is fully optimised. Right from the use of the right keywords to setting up the front page of the website, everything plays a major role in preparing the right eCommerce SEO Strategy and improving the website’s SEO.

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What are the Solutions That We Offer?

Our sole aim is to put your brand in front of the target audience. If you are facing challenges w.r.t. eCommerce SEO, we are here for you. Here is what we would do for your brand’s growth and awareness –

1. Our team of experts conducts 360-degree market research so that your business can be proposed to the right client and audience. The proposed pitch would always be delivered with the desired intent so that there are no chances of miscommunication.

2. Once we are familiarised with the type of audience you want to target, the aim would be to find them and get their attention to their brand.

3. Create a marketing funnel to boost online sales. This includes a complete eCommerce SEO audit, keyword research, on-page link building, and many other services. Our team takes care of all the eCommerce SEO services to increase your website’s ranking on the Google search engine.

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4. If your brand is new, one of the crucial steps for improved eCommerce search engine results is brand awareness. We curate a complete marketing strategy, an SEO that gains the trust of the audience, and a brand value that helps improve page ranking organically.

5. Competition analysis is also an essential part of the solution. It would help you understand what others are doing that you aren’t. This would enable us to create a better marketing and eCommerce SEO strategy to beat them to the finish line.

Why Does Your Business Need an eCommerce SEO Agency?

Online retail sales amounted to 4.9 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide. And it’s forecast to grow by over 50% within the next four years. To thrive and become a part of the changing customer behaviour, every company is shifting to the online platform. Whether it is a large franchise or a small retail shop, everyone feels that to become a big and successful business, eCommerce is imperative.

So, if you also want to grow and be a successful online business, then it is time to hire your eCommerce SEO consultant. Mechwizz Digital is here to help you through this journey. Here is how we can help –

Today’s online industry is competitive and busy. If you want to complete then the right way is to take a 360-degree approach toward marketing. eCommerce link building and marketing is an effective way for your company to reach the target audience and generate a better ROI. According to the experts, approximately 95% of customers would switch to eCommerce for all their needs by 2040.

Take a holistic approach today and promote your products and services with our assistance.

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Importance of Ecommerce SEO

There are a range of benefits of off-page SEO for eCommerce. Here are some of them –


Expanding the Website Reach

eCommerce SEO services provide one of the best ways to receive more organic traffic and expand the reach of your brand consistently. When a potential customer visits your website organically, you can always reach out to him later through paid campaigns.


Improve the Overall User Experience

One of the key factors for making your brand rank on Google is a better user experience. If you use the right keywords, your content would reach the target audience. When you answer all the queries of every user landing on your page, Google identifies that as a positive experience and your website’s rank increases. But in case a user visits your website and instantly goes back, this means that your user experience is not satisfactory and Google would drop your ranking.


Increased Brand Awareness

Your eCommerce website can be optimised through the right practices. There is zero marketing cost involved if your strategies are rightly placed. Optimised SEO practices can help your website get higher traffic, more clicks, and improved brand awareness.

What Do We Do in Our Ecommerce SEO?

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Creating Marketing Funnel

One of the most important steps in improving your eCommerce SEO is through the marketing funnel. The marketing funnel begins from the time a user starts interacting with the brand. It aims to capture a large part of the audience that is or may be interested in your products and services in the future. This funnel comprises awareness, consideration to buy, and conversion. Once your brand begins to engage with the users, they continuously shift through the funnel till they finally make a purchase.

Site Audit

Our team of experts audits your website to spot any kind of SEO or technical error. A detailed audit is conducted throughout the website so that the right measures to fix them can be taken. This is done to ensure that when a user visits your website, he gets a smooth and seamless experience. It is an important part of your eCommerce SEO Strategy.

Keyword research

Our eCommerce SEO consultant performs complete keyword research that aims to improve online visibility and attract more quality leads. The aim is to analyse the competition and potential customers and determine the relevant keywords. Our team is also focused on utilising the most advanced tools to analyse the ranking difficulty and keyword search volume.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO helps in positioning your products or services for the right market and audience. The team handles everything from on-page optimisation to GMB listings and local citation building. We aim to improve your website traffic through eCommerce SEO best practices.

Link Building

Link building is where the pages of other websites are linked to your page to gain user traffic. Its main purpose is to increase the authority of your web pages in front of Google. The practice helps your page rank higher and bring more organic traffic. Our team ensures that eCommerce link building is efficiently carried out so that your brand gets a quick boost.

Content Marketing

Content has always been and would always remain the king. If your content is SEO optimised, it would attract a huge number of visitors and even convert them into actual customers. Our team at Mechwizz Digital follows the best content marketing practices for every type of business. We have writers who are knowledgeable and experienced in writing all kinds of content. This includes blogs, articles, product descriptions, product pages, reviews, and much more.

Technical SEO

Our eCommerce SEO agency continuously works to make your business appear at the top of Google searches. The team adopts the best Google practices to build and optimise the structure of your website. Mechwizz’s SEO experts solve all the technical SEO errors, implement the right strategy, and boost the speed of your website.

Reporting & Insights

Our team of experts checks the conversion rates, traffic, page speed, backlinks, bounce rate, and progress. These numbers are then compared with the last performance and insights are drawn out from the same. Through careful analysis, the right implementation steps can be taken to improve future performance.

Ecommerce SEO Agency with Proven Result

Mechwizz Digital is a DM Agency that works continuously to meet the demands of its customers. It seeks a unique strategy and doesn’t believe in fitting into a pre-designed SEO package. Our team of experts provides a 360-degree solution and marketing agency services that derive results. Owing to our thorough planning and execution, we determine exactly what is needed and deliver the same. All the services are designed to give your brand an edge over the competitors and dominate the eCommerce platform.

If you want to capture the right audience and achieve the best eCommerce SEO for your business, contact us today!

Ecommerce SEO Challenges that We Can Address

While devising SEO strategies, there are a lot of hurdles that you might come across. Here are the hurdles that we can help you overcome –

Get acquainted with the right target audience: As a business, it is difficult to understand the niche audience for your products and services, especially when the market size is extremely large.

Get you familiar with the right place and customers for the products: Capturing the right market at the right time is one of the most difficult things. Your products or services might be unique but timing matters.

How to improve brand awareness and capture the attention of consumers: Consumers’ attention span is low and that’s why they don’t take their time to research and then purchase. This slows down your brand awareness.

How to increase your online sales: When you switch from retail to online business, increasing sales instantly is difficult, especially if you are new to the industry.

How to get on top of the competition: The competition size is huge and there are many players in every industry. It becomes difficult to stand out from the crowd and reach the audience.

How eCommerce SEO Will be a Game Changer in your Business

Marketing your brand’s website through eCommerce SEO is the first step toward success. Optimising your website is as important as controlling the functions and aesthetics of the product pages. If performed in the right way, an eCommerce SEO strategy can put a positive impact on your online sales and organic visibility. Here is how it would be a game changer for your business –

Online Products searched in SERP have a higher buyer intent

An audience that is searching for your kind of products online on Google has a strong buying intent. eCommerce SEO best practices can always help you achieve a higher conversion rate According to the research, approximately 44% of the audience begins their online shopping through Google searches and 58.4% of users indulge in online shopping every week.

Improved product ranking and website visibility can generate better traffic

Around 75% of the clicks on SERPs involve the top five search engine results. 75% of the users do not scroll beyond the first page of the search results. 95% of the visitors only click on the first page of Google’s search results. When your brand reaches the initial Google search results, it gets quickly identified by the users. They have a habit of clicking on the first few links only and this method would improve the traffic on your website.

Product videos are attention-grabbing and have a better chance of converting into sales

Around 25% of the search results have at least one product video on their page. Approximately 94% of the users depend on explanation videos to know more about the product they want to buy. Product video content has 50x the power of driving organic search results. Video-based content enables the users to understand more about your product and service. Short explanatory and quick-tip videos have the highest retention span today. Videos of product reviews and understanding build a trust in the minds of every customer.

SEO for mobile search

At least 70% of mobile devices contain around 70% of retail websites around the world. Mobile applications have a 3x conversion rate as compared to mobile websites. Approximately 67% of shopping orders are from smartphones. Only 25% of website traffic comes from laptops and desktop PCs and only 29% of online purchases are registered from them. Users are continuously on their smartphones and they are curious about new products and services. Mobile optimisation can help you reach the target audience and make the user’s shopping experience better and simpler.

Voice search optimisation

Voice search has become an integral part of eCommerce SEO services due to the advanced technology and low attention span from the users. Voice search is a part of AI technology and makes the user’s shopping experience easy. It ensures that you don’t miss out on any customer as their single command will give them access to your website.

High-quality and high-resolution images are important to capture the audience's attention

Customers’ eyes shift to high-resolution and high-quality images more than anything. But it is important to ensure that these images do not slow down the website’s speed.

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Data-driven Processes

Our team focuses on data-driven processes to increase the digital presence of your brand. These processes completely focus on putting your website on top of the SERPs.


All-inclusive eCommerce SEO Service

Our eCommerce SEO Services team goes all out to make your website stand out. We take all the steps required to ensure that your Google ranking increases and the website receives organic traffic.


Cost-effective eCommerce SEO Package

Our packages are always cost-effective. We don’t believe in standardised packages that may not fit your business requirements. Our team custom-designs eCommerce SEO packages so that all your requirements are fulfilled at a minimum cost.

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Customised Market Analysis & Research for Business

Get the complete market research and analysis report for your business with 100% transparency. Our customised reports are thoroughly designed for every business.


Experience Professionals

Mechwizz Digital has a team of dedicated and experienced professionals. They work to identify what would be best for your company and then take prior approvals. Our team always comes with customised and dedicated plans to put your website on the map


After-service Support

Our company believes in a long-term relationship with its clients. We always provide after-service support to solve all your queries and grievances.

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