What is a PPC Campaign?

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A brand’s website is the soul of its business. Its growth directly impacts the rise or decline of a company. If your website isn’t identified by the right customer at the right time, your company’s growth might remain stagnant. To target all these problems and get the highest ROI in the shortest span, the best way is to focus on your digital marketing campaign. PPC marketing is one of the crucial parts of digital marketing. Although approximately 45% of businesses have an online presence, only some of them are aware of pay per click marketing.

Did you know that paid advertisements have a 200% ROI? Yes, that is right. Paid advertisements can give you an ROI that isn’t feasible otherwise. Ads alone have the power to increase your brand’s awareness by 80%. So, what is it and why is it important?

PPC (pay per click) advertisement is a part of digital marketing where the advertiser pays a specific amount every time its ad is clicked by the user. In simpler terms, you are paying a fee for targeted visits. If your PPC campaign is in place, its worth goes much higher than the fee for a single click. When a user searches a particular keyword on Google, your website advertisement would be displayed to retarget the visitors. Customers are up to 70% more likely to buy your product when you use retargeting. Effective PPC advertising leads to quality leads and that’s why approximately 65% of small to mid-sized businesses have a PPC campaign.

PPC in digital marketing isn’t only one of the most common advertising tools used by google but several social media channels as well. Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn also are great platforms for PPC to get better ROI. Since over 50% of ad clicks happen on mobile devices, these channels are the right platforms to get organic results.

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PPC Services

Now that you are clear about what exactly is PPC, let’s learn about which services fall under it.

Search Ads is the most basic and commonly utilised PPC service. Your website’s search advertisement appears to those users who are looking for the kinds of services or products you are providing. These ads are suitable for one-time promotional campaigns or short-term sales cycles. If you are looking for high-quality leads, especially from a new audience then search ads are the best way to go.

Auditing your pay per click advertisement activities is crucial to improved ROI. If you are working hard to make your digital presence a success, you’d want to make sure that it is working. A strategically-planned PPC always drives valuable results and the best method to know if the particular PPC campaign is working or not is through an audit. PPC audit measures the long- and short-term performances of your campaign by analysing the performance, cost incurred, and ROI. It should be conducted regularly to maximise the results.

Through a PPC campaign, our team uses several tools that are important to understand the search behaviour of your target audience. This helps in predicting which search words or keywords would be used by that audience on Google. The target keywords are found, analysed, and categorised depending on the relevance of the industry, competition, and search volume. A PPC expert would continuously refine that keyword list to gain the attention and search intention of the desired audience.

Your landing page is what catches the audience’s attention. It is the first step towards a sale. If your landing page content is of high quality and has attention-grabbing messages, it can convert visitors into customers. Our team at Mechwizz Digital ensures that your landing page has catchy headlines, banners, engaging content, and CTAs for

action. This multiplies the chances of sales and increases brand awareness. The right amalgamation of SEO practices and eCommerce PPC can drive potential customers into taking action.

CRO is intended to capture the targeted audience on the right platform and at the right time. It moves a consumer from the bottom of the marketing funnel to the top. Our team’s PPC consultant prepares persuasive advertisements, double-checks the landing page content & graphics, and integrates a user-friendly UX/UI that boosts the conversion rate and quality score.

The right PPC marketing strategy positions your brand at the top of the search engine. Our bing! PPC specialists optimise the keywords and ad targeting strategies; track the ROI continuously, and develop bidding strategies so that your displayed ads always reach the desired audience at the right time.

Social media marketing is crucial in today’s digital world. At least 54% of the users browse social media to find the desired product or service. If you invest in Pay per click and strategize it effectively, the social media ads would not only increase brand awareness but minimise the marketing cost as well. This way, you can always stay at the top of your game and capture the audience before your competition. You can analyse the current social media behaviour and use video and written content to improve brand engagement and customer reach.

If your website has a huge catalogue then shopping ads would be the right marketing strategy for you. The PPC ads generally appear on the side or top of the main search results and they are in a carousel format. This enables the users to browse through fresh choices and make their decision. Shopping ads also give them a pricing idea before the user even visits your website. So, if you get a click, the chances of customer conversion increase. If you are trying to reach the audience with clear shopping content then this PPC service is for you!

Remarketing advertisement is one of the best methods to reach customers and improve your sales turnover. It reminds those users who have already visited your website and may come back in case they are enticed. It is a cheaper solution as the competition for remarketing ads is low and the target customer segment is high. A PPC specialist uses effective extensions and B2B PPC ad formats that bring significant results.

Advantage of leveraging PPC for ROI maximisation

Pay per click advertising is a paid model that enables a website to interact with its target audience. When the right combination of strategy and tools is used, you can leverage PPC to maximise ROI. Here are the advantages –

Faster Results

Organic ranking is always preferred by every website but at times it may even take months or years to reach the target audience and land on the first page of the SERPs. In this scenario, a small business or start-up cannot afford to wait for that long and has to take action that is quick and effective. That’s where PPC adds value. PPC-optimised advertisements can get you that top ranking you’ve been wanting. With our team of experts, that can happen within a few hours of introducing the campaign.

Reach the target audience

The idea of any brand coming on the digital platform is to get in touch with its target audience. Using a PPC campaign, you can move right past the cold audience and connect to the users who can turn into customers. You can focus on keyword placement that would get you closer to the audience searching the same words on search engines. Leveraging PPC can also be beneficial for you by creating campaigns that get in touch with the targeted visitors who landed on your site but didn’t make a purchase.

Brand Awareness – Display Ads and PPC

Google’s PPC activity can help you achieve an online presence that wasn’t possible otherwise. With the help of pay per click advertisements and display ads, you can boost your business as it puts your brand on top of the SERPs. Once the right audience identifies your website and is satisfied with the result, it would visit again and contribute to the success of your brand.

Measurable Results

Pay per click marketing eliminates all the guesswork from your campaign and makes the process smoother. It provides trackable and measurable data that makes analysis and reporting easier. Google Analytics tracks the metrics of your campaign, including clicks and conversions, and view impressions. You can get a better picture of the situation and make necessary changes accordingly.


You have full control over your budget with a PPC campaign. You only have to pay for the clicks on your link. Since this would increase the chances of a sale, the PPC cost is worth it. When you compare the cost with the sales, the latter would always be higher, making the marketing cost-effective.


Paid search advertising isn’t rigid. You can control the targeted keywords, placement of the advertisements, and overall budget of the campaign. Our team of experts runs A/B split tests along with several ads to understand which one produces the highest ROI. Once identified, these ads can be scaled until they no longer deliver the desired results.


What is Included in our
PPC Management Service?

Our PPC agency is focused on delivering high-quality results in a cost-effective and time-saving manner. The following services are included in our campaign –

Market Research of the Business Our team of experts would analyse the market to make the right strategy. The current market scenario and upcoming trends are carefully studied to make the best decision for your business.

Use AI for Research & Analysis We perform eCommerce PPC activities with the support of AI for the best results. Our research and analysis are used to manage all the activities on a large scale and provide real-time guidance.

Understand your Business, Products, and Services One of the main activities is to understand your business, products, and services in depth. This helps us identify the target audience, location, and time to introduce your products and services in the market. We aim to know your business to make better decisions.


Analyse your Business Objectives The PPC consultant would understand and analyse the business objectives to prepare the right course of action. It is an important step to the success of a marketing campaign and should be taken properly care of. By joining hands with the right agency, your PPC can be leveraged to get high ROI.

Understand the Target Audience The most basic process of putting your brand on top is to understand the needs and wants of the target audience. When you know the kind of products and services they are looking for, brand placement becomes easier.

Create a custom ppc strategy with mechwizz digital

Our team at mechwizz digital doesn't believe in providing you with a readymade ppc strategy. our plan is tailor-made to suit the requirements of your business.our ecommerce ppc management team would get in touch with you and discuss the plan before execution. we believe in transparency and building strong customer relationships. Here is how we create a customized ppc strategy-

1.PPC Audit

The first and fore most step is to conduct a through audit to understand where your business stands and where it has to reach .An in-depth audit of ppc ads that are already running on search engines would help us analyse if they are working or not. based on that,we can make a better decision.

2. Keyword Research Analysis

3.Ads Customisation is possible

SEM is where you can develop customised ads using crisp and clear product information, compelling content, high-resolution images, and video clips to retain interest. Your ads can always be tailor-made to suit the requirements of your business goals.

4.Higher Conversion

SEM is a paid campaign that runs towards immediate results. Through the right strategy and technique, the results would appear quicker than you thought and give you a higher conversion rate. This indicates that your services and products would get the desired visibility, footfall, and sales.

5.Measurable Results

Search engine marketing is quantifiable, making it simpler for you to measure performance. You can check the impressions, bounce rate, CTRs, and unique page views for the website

to get a clear picture of where your brand stands. It would help you analyse the performance and improve for better results.

6.Control over Campaign

You have complete control over your campaign and can change it whenever you feel something’s missing. The benefit of using SEM service is that there is no rigidity in the method and everything keeps changing over time, according to the latest trends in the market.

Difference Between PPC, Display Ads & Social Ads

As a business, the lines between PPC, display ads, and social ads can sometimes be blurry. If you want to have a clear understanding of all three, here is a brief for you –


PPC or pay per click is a type of advertisement on another website or a search engine to generate traffic back to your landing page. It is a marketing model that focuses on online customers using various formats.

2. Display Ads

Display ads are another paid marketing campaign prevalent across the industry. These advertisements are present at the top, middle, or sides of a web page content on maximum websites. They aim to reach over 90% of the users who are active on the internet.

3. Social Ads

Social advertisements are the most efficient part of a paid ad campaign. This is because of the growing popularity of social media platforms among the population. Sites like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are specifically programmed to target specific audiences that resonate with those displayed ads. As a result, your website can attract more traffic in a shorter time.

Why choose us as your trusted PPC Company?

Focusing on a digital marketing campaign is important but it is time-consuming. That can shift your focus from the main goal. So, the best way is to outsource the service to a PPC marketing campaign. Mechwizz Digital is here to take care of all your PPC campaign needs. we provide –

1. End-to-End PPC Management

We handle end-to-end PPC campaigns for smooth and effective results.

2. Customer-Centric PPC Agency

Our focus is customer happiness and satisfaction. We customise campaigns to suit your requirements.

3. Dedicated PPC specialist

We have a dedicated team of PPC experts to focus on planning, implementing, and analysing the marketing strategy.

4. Reporting

Our PPC experts always create a detailed report on the current status so that the right course of action can be taken.

5. After Support

We believe in long-term customer relationships. That’s why after-sale service support is a part of our package. You can come to us with any query, anytime and we’d be happy to help!

6. Leveraging AI for Research & PPC Audit

We utilise AI tools for complete research and PPC audit so that the marketing campaigns resonate with the latest online trend.

7. Reporting

The data across all the platforms is tracked and measured so that you can get a better understanding of which activity is deriving results and which isn’t. The collected data is analysed to make the right changes to the existing strategies. It would help skyrocket the effectiveness and help attain the goal. Monthly or quarterly reports would be created for a performance breakdown and insight information. This would help create better plans for the future.

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