What is Search Engine Marketing?

  • SEM or Search Engine Marketing is one of the best methods to take your business to the next level and reach your target audience.

  • It is essential to use organic strategies to attract traffic to your website but it cannot gain traction in the long run unless there is a cost involved. That’s why SEM is important to an online business.

  • Search Engine Marketing is a strategy where paid advertising is used to boost the visibility of your products and services in the search engine page results.

  • In simpler terms, if a user types a certain keyword that is associated with your brand product or service, SEM would display your business as a result of that search. This SEM marketing strategy involves several services.

Search Engine Marketing Services

SEM advertising comprises multiple services with a single goal. To create a reliable and effective strategy, you have to understand each of these services in detail –



Pay per click or PPC in digital marketing is an elaborative strategy that includes multiple steps. It begins with the research and selection of the right keywords that would derive results. As a marketer, you have to be sure about which keywords would bring more customers to your website. In case of a limited budget, you’d want to focus on the keywords that attract buying intent. Although if you have a sufficient budget then you can focus on secondary keywords as well. These are loosely related to the products and services.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads

Bing ads can help drive a larger customer base to your website and earn more revenue in a short span. With the support of an SEM specialist, you can create optimised paid marketing strategies and utilise the platform of Bing to the fullest. In this service, usually, a multi-channel approach is recommended to enhance the brand association and use conversion opportunities throughout the online platforms. A specialist aims at analysing customer behaviour, expanding device targeting, and adjusting bid strategies

Display Ads

Display Ads

Display ads are designed to grab the users’ attention and entice them to make a decision. These are used to boost buying intent through free trials and signing up for newsletters. A display ad involves videos, images, and/or texts that are arranged in a certain way for the social media platform or website. The main purpose of this SEM service is to encourage visitors to click on the landing page and make a purchase.

Youtube Ads

Youtube Ads

Did you know that YouTube is a billionaire market? The platform is used by approximately 2 billion users around the world and it is still increasing every day. If your business is available on YouTube then it would engage a larger part of the audience. YouTube Ads have the ability to capture the attention of even those users who have never heard about your brand. You can use reels, pre-roll ads, and TrueView to showcase your products and services on this platform.

Search Engine

Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads, aka Product Listing Ads, are one of the most active platforms for every online business. Google search ads are effective because they always display high-resolution images and price details of the merchandise. This connects you with the audience instantly. Regardless of your positioning in the online marketplace, Google ad services would be the right strategy to boost your revenue. These advertisements always appear at the top of the search engine results pages so the chances of getting quality leads improve tremendously.



There are so many instances where a user arrives on your website but leaves without buying anything. You can always reach back to those potential leads through the remarketing and retargeting strategy. Remarketing ensures that even if you have missed the opportunity, you can still reach out and move the leads down the marketing funnel. Through this, even if your targeted audience doesn’t make an immediate purchase, you still leave a mark on its mind. Retargeting is a technical strategy where you have to develop, execute, and manage your campaigns in the right direction. This depends on the unique requirements of your business so that maximum ROI can be achieved.

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Why do Businesses Need SEM Services?

Every business that goes online wonders whether it needs a comprehensive SEM strategy in place. What you need to understand is that an SEM campaign would help get immediate results. Here are the reasons why SEM advertising is important for every online business –

Brand Awareness

If you are going online, the first thing you require is identification. You need users to know about your brand and what kinds of services or products it offers. The best strategy for brand awareness is through Google display ads. They would put you on the first page of SERPs and the users would know that there’s a new player in the market.

Reaching Target Audience

You want to reach a specific sector of the market, depending on the types of products or services you have. This depends on various factors like interests, gender, geographical location, past search queries, buying pattern, and much more. SEM can help get you visitors who would be genuinely interested in your products and services.

Ads Customisation is possible

SEM is where you can develop customised ads using crisp and clear product information, compelling content, high-resolution images, and video clips to retain interest. Your ads can always be tailor-made to suit the requirements of your business goals.

Higher Conversion

SEM is a paid campaign that runs towards immediate results. Through the right strategy and technique, the results would appear quicker than you thought and give you a higher conversion rate. This indicates that your services and products would get the desired visibility, footfall, and sales.

Measurable Results

Search engine marketing is quantifiable, making it simpler for you to measure performance. You can check the impressions, bounce rate, CTRs, and unique page views for the website

to get a clear picture of where your brand stands. It would help you analyse the performance and improve for better results.

Control over Campaign

You have complete control over your campaign and can change it whenever you feel something’s missing. The benefit of using SEM service is that there is no rigidity in the method and everything keeps changing over time, according to the latest trends in the market.

Steps Involved in Our SEM Campaign Process

At Mechwizz Digital, we believe in helping your business reach the top of the SERPs. For that, our team of digital marketing experts goes through strategically designed steps. Here is our SEM campaign works –

1.Research & Analysis

The first step is to understand your business inside and out. Our team of Mechwizz Digital experts takes plenty of time to understand what services and products you are selling. This process involves thorough keyword research (both long-tail and target keywords are identified) to derive results. We aim to bring organic traffic through keywords and use niche keywords for the paid search strategy.
Competitor & target audience analysis is also a part of our research. Learning all about the measures taken by your competitors to bring customers to help understand how your website can provide an edge. After that, the team analyse the part of the digital audience you want to target and what would be the right approach for the same.

2. Account setup

SEM is a paid of a paid marketing campaign and that’s why it is important to create an account for the same. This helps maintain transparency with our associated brands. Accounts like Google AdWords or Microsoft Advertising are commonly to smoothly run the operations and provide real-time support. Account setup also helps maintain records and prepare a report to analyse if the search engines are supporting conversion tracking. In case that’s true, the codes are cross-checked to make sure that the landing pages run smoothly.

3.Landing Page Creation

Once the keywords are identified and the required accounts are set up, the next step is to prepare an ad landing page. It aims to capture the attention of the targeted audience and move them from the top to the bottom of the marketing funnel.
The landing page that you create should also be connected to the advertisement copy. For instance, if a user clicks on a marketing-related page to land on a sales-related link, this would lead to a high bounce rate which is bad for an online business.

4. Ad Setup & Launch

Now that you have created an ad copy and landing page, the next step is to set up the ad and launch it at the right time and on the right platform. Another thing you need to remember is that ad optimisation is an important part of the step. It helps reach the target audience on time.

5. A/B Testing

The search engine marketing team creates several versions of the ad and tests them for effectiveness. This is done for the Google ads and landing pages so that consistent traffic and conversion rates can be increased. Analysation of which keywords, devices, ads, campaigns, and landing pages would lead to quality leads helps in optimising the SEM campaign.

6. Monitoring & Evaluation

The campaign activities are continuously monitored and evaluated to analyse and understand how to optimise the existing marketing strategies. These activities include click-through rate, key performance indicators, search impressions, quality score, and cost per conversion.

7. Reporting

The data across all the platforms is tracked and measured so that you can get a better understanding of which activity is deriving results and which isn’t. The collected data is analysed to make the right changes to the existing strategies. It would help skyrocket the effectiveness and help attain the goal. Monthly or quarterly reports would be created for a performance breakdown and insight information. This would help create better plans for the future.

How To Optimise Ads and Reach the Right Audience

Imagine a scenario where your website is generating traffic but there is no significant boost in sales. This indicates that although you have utilised the right methods of Google ad services, you haven’t reached the right audience yet. These are the methods through which you can optimise the ads and connect with the target audience –

Make Attractive Ads

The content and graphic of your ads have all the power. If an advertisement is attractive enough to entice your customers, it has the potential to make your business the best in the market. Some of the ways to make your ads better are –

  • Keep the ads simple, crisp, and clear
  • Create a unique ad that sets your brand apart
  • Use a landing page to boost sales
  • Highlight the USP of your products or services
  • Run seasonal advertisements

Manual Bidding Gives Extra Edge

Manual bidding is more effective as compared to automatic bidding. This is because it gives you complete control over the amount spent on every click on your ad. If you use manual bidding for your Google ads, your budget won’t be disturbed and you can incur costs where it is needed the most at the time.

Choose Keywords Wisely to Reach the Right Audience

If you think in simpler terms, your brand is only displayed on the Google results if the user writes the keyword related to your brand. That’s why if you want to reach the target audience, it is crucial to select your primary and secondary keywords wisely. Here is how you can do that –

  • Understand the user’s research process
  • Complement your keywords with the product’s features
  • Use negative keywords in some places

Add Negative Keyword to Filter Traffic

As discussed above, using negative keywords is also crucial. These keywords help you filter the clicks that aren’t valuable to you. The best way to find negative keywords is by using a Keyword Planner by Google.

Create Multiple Ad Groups & Ad Copies

The purpose of creating multiple ad groups and copies is to break up the relevant keywords and ads according to the theme. You can organise these ads by a common theme. This is especially suitable when you want to advertise a particular service or product.


Remarketing is one of the prevalent terms in today’s scenario. It is a part of search engine marketing where you can get in touch with the prospective audience who have visited your website in the past. The aim is to entice that audience and keep your brand embedded in its mind. Even if the audience doesn’t make an immediate purchase, your brand name would be on their mind.

How to Choose the right Search Engine Marketing Agency?

Search engines like Google and Bing! are the best ways to reach potential buyers and valuable leads. But it is time-consuming to search for the right keywords, optimise your website pages, manage paid campaigns, and create content. Also, if the SEO and SME strategies aren’t rightly used, their ineffectiveness would be realised after a long time and by then you’d incur a high opportunity cost. Here is how you can choose the top digital marketing agency for SEM services –


Having Years of Expertise Over the years, Mechwizz Digital has worked with a diverse portfolio and helped brands gain recognition in the market. Our team has a comprehensive understanding of every industry through which it provides customised marketing solutions.

Dedicated Staff Right from digital experts to SEO specialists, we have a team of dedicated staff that continuously works to put your brand on the map. Our team stays connected with you to maintain transparency and discuss the progress.

Diversified Team Our diversified team focuses on understanding your business requirements. This is one of our tactics for long-term success and that’s how we help boost the conversion rate. We offer all kinds of SEO services and create strategies that work best for your company.

Transparent Reporting We deliver updated reports from time to time so that transparency and trust are maintained. Our focus is to demonstrate consistent growth and share every detail of the running campaign.

After Support Mechwizz Digital doesn’t believe in leaving by your side after the service. We provide after support services so that all your queries and problems are resolved easily. Our aim is customer satisfaction and we don’t shy away from our promises.

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